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Time for Change – What You Need to Know About a Midlife Career Switch

You’re looking for new jobs in jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA — but there’s a twist. Instead of searching for opportunities in your field, you’re thinking about trying something new.   Now that you’ve spent at least a couple decades in your current line of work, you’re curious about what it would be like to do something different. You haven’t… Read More »

Safety First: Essential PPE for the Warehouse

When filling warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA, you look for candidates who take safety seriously. As an employer, it’s also important that you prioritize safety. Making sure your warehouse is fully stocked with personal proactive equipment is a major component.  Also known as “PPE,” this type of equipment is worn to minimize workers’ exposure to hazards that… Read More »

Looking to 2020: How to Have a Clear Vision With Your Career Outlook

You have big dreams for your warehouse career. Next year, you’re planning to start searching for Allentown, PA jobs, but the location and the warehouse industry in general is about all you’ve figured out.   This career move could be a big one, so you want to take your time to do it right. Here’s some advice to… Read More »

5 Reasons to Take a Break Throughout the Day Instead of Working a Solid 8 Hours

You take pride in being a hard worker. When you come into the office each day, you start working and don’t look up until it’s time to go home.  While professional jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA do require hard work, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks. Here’s a look at what you have to gain by giving yourself… Read More »

Why You Should Write a Thank You Note to Your Coworker This Thanksgiving Season

Thank You Note

When searching for warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA, you browsed plenty of openings. The job descriptions told you about the responsibilities associated with the position and the company but probably didn’t get into specifics about the people you’d be working alongside. Thankfully, you hit the jackpot. You work with an incredible team of people, including… Read More »

How Engaged Are You With Your Old Colleagues? Maybe It’s Time to Say a Quick Hello on LinkedIn!

You’ve worked with some great people in the past. Unfortunately, you’ve lost touch with many of them, as career changes were made on one or both ends. Whether you’re currently seeking new Lehigh Valley employment options or not, using LinkedIn to get back in touch with these people is always a good idea. Here’s what… Read More »

3 Ways to Motivate an Otherwise Unmotivated a Non-Passionate Co-Worker

Working alongside passionate people who truly care about their jobs is inspiring. Most of your co-workers fit this description, but there’s one who stands out — in a bad way. This person is never excited to be at the warehouse and seems to take no pride in their work. It’s possible they need to start… Read More »

Safety First: Correct Stacking Isn’t an Option…It’s a Priority

Hiring in Lehigh Valley | HTSS Inc.

Working in a warehouse is extremely rewarding, but it can also be hazardous. Whether you’re a candidate searching for jobs hiring in Bethlehem, PA, or an employer ready to fill open positions, safety must always come first. Properly stacking materials is a huge part of that. If correct protocols aren’t followed, objects can fall onto… Read More »

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Talk Bad About Your Current Job on Social Media

How to Handle Social Media Gossip

Whether you’re searching for warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA right now or not, cleaning up your social media habits is a must. Social networks are a fun way to connect with others, but certain topics — i.e., complaints about your job — should always be off-limits. If you’re frustrated about your warehouse job, phone a friend instead of posting about… Read More »

What to Do if You’re Not Feeling Challenged in Your Current Role

Signs You've Outgrown Your Job

Going to work used to excite you, but lately, you’ve been feeling bored more often than not. You’ve started casually browsing job opportunities in Lehigh Valley, PA, but you’re not quite sure if making a career move is the right choice. Having a job should be about more than just earning a paycheck. You probably spend at least 40… Read More »