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How to Retain Top-Performing Employees Past the Summer Months

Things are really great with your team right now. You’ve put together an amazing group of employees who are seriously good at their job — and you want to keep it that way.

You know people aren’t likely to leave during the summer months, as many have planned vacations in the works. However, you’re concerned some might start searching for their next step when the fall begins. Here’s some advice to make working at your company so great, your best and brightest team members wouldn’t dream of heading elsewhere.

Five Tips to Retain Top-Performing Employees Past the Summer Months

Create More Inclusive Policies

If your company is like many, you probably have policies in place that are outdated. These one-size-fits-all policies can isolate people, making them feel like they don’t belong. Examples might include a lack of parental leave policies or not offering floating holidays, causing people from different religious and cultural backgrounds to feel a lack of representation. Updating them can make people feel included, so they want to stay put.

Be Flexible

In the past, going into the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, was the standard. This is no longer the case thanks to technology, as it’s easier than ever for many people to work remotely. If at all possible, allow employees to work from home at least part of the time. If you can, try to also be flexible with work hours, so employees are able to strike a solid balance between their personal and professional lives.

Show Gratitude

You know how much you appreciate your top employees, but they won’t know how you feel if you don’t speak up. Therefore, it’s important to recognize their efforts. When they do something to make your life easier, make the company look good, or that just really impresses you, take a moment to say “thank you.”

Map Their Future With Your Company

The best and brightest workers are always plotting their next career move. Since you want them to stay, find out where they’re headed and make room for them to grow on your team. If you don’t already have regular one-on-ones on the calendar, schedule your first one to get the conversation started.

Make Sure Their Pay is Competitive

Money isn’t the most important thing to top talent, but the size of their paycheck directly affects their standard of living. Consequently, they’re unlikely to stay with your company if they can get a higher salary at a similar job.

Avoid this by using Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data to gauge average salaries for their positions in your local area. This will help you determine whether you’re paying competitive wages or need to give them a salary bump.

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