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Ending Your Workday With These Three Tactics Will Set You up for a Successful Tomorrow

Preparing and Planning for a Successful Tomorrow

You accomplish a lot at work each day, but you know you could be doing more. As is common with sit down jobs, you tend to feel overwhelmed as soon as you arrive at your desk each morning.  Whether you’re greeted by a barrage of emails as soon as you turn your computer on or are often left trying… Read More »

How to Manage an Extended Working-From-Home Policy to Maintain Your Productivity

Taking a Break When You Need a Minute

Like many jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA, yours unexpectantly turned into a work-from-home position when COVID-19 began to hit the U.S. hard. You’re grateful to be able to work remotely through the pandemic, but it’s definitely a major change.  It seems you’re probably not going back to the office anytime soon, so it’s time to accept working from… Read More »

How to Continue to Stay Safe and Cautious When Working in a Warehouse Amid COVID-19 Concerns

You’re working in a warehouse, and you’re terrified you’re going to contract COVID-19. This fear is completely normal and totally understandable.   Like many temp service jobs, warehouse work involves being in close proximity to your colleagues. In this environment, you’re exposed to many different people each shift, which makes you uneasy.  Regardless of your concerns, you still have… Read More »

Feeling Burnt Out? Consider These Tips to Refocus Your Workweek

Managing Emotions While Working | Career Success in Lehigh Valley

You’ve had a rough week at work. Actually, this is nothing new. Lately, your job has been weighing so heavily on you that you’ve been searching for part-time warehouse jobs.  However, you’re not completely sure quitting your job is the right move. You know you’re experiencing burnout, and you’d like to try to overcome it. Here’s some… Read More »

How to Stand Out From the Hundreds of Other Professionals Applying for Work Right Now

Finding a Job in Lehigh Valley

If you’re like many people, COVID-19 has put you out of work. Unfortunately, unemployment levels have quickly risen to record-high rates, which has made searching for a new job more competitive than ever.  People are flocking to temporary job agencies, hoping to connect with employers thriving during the pandemic. Here’s some advice to help you outshine… Read More »

Managing Your Emotions: How to Make the Best of the Situation You’re In

Managing Emotions While Working | Career Success in Lehigh Valley

Some days at work are great, but others are more challenging. When you don’t see eye to eye with a colleague or get passed up for a promotion, it can be hard to control your emotions.  The thing is, work is a professional environment, so you have to keep it together. Here’s some advice to help… Read More »

Understanding Your Surroundings: How to Always Be Mindful of Your Surroundings in a Warehouse

Mindful of Warehouse Surroundings | Working in Lehigh Valley

Working in a warehouse is incredibly rewarding. Having the ability to work with your hands and see what you’ve accomplished at the end of your shift feels great. Of course, this line of work can also be dangerous — if you don’t play it safe. Understanding your surroundings and being mindful of the hazards present is… Read More »

How to Effectively Take a Break at Work When You “Just Need a Minute”

Taking a Break When You Need a Minute

For the most part, you enjoy your job. You get to do interesting work and be part of an incredible team. However, that doesn’t mean the job can’t be stressful or tedious at times.  Therefore, sometimes you just need to take a quick break to recharge. All breaks are not created equal, so here’s some… Read More »

The Key to Maintaining Your Productivity When Working From Home

Maintain Productivity when Working from Home | HTSS Inc

If you weren’t already part of the remote workforce, there’s a good chance COVID-19 has at least temporarily forced you to join the ranks. Having the ability to work from home is pretty incredible, but it can also be a challenge  Whether you’re home alone or trying to work in the midst of family chaos, staying on track… Read More »

Maneuvering Your Job Search Through COVID-19

Right now times are very uncertain, very stressful and even a bit frightening. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. In a matter of days, millions of people found themselves suddenly out of work. Millions more are weeks or even days away from losing their jobs,… Read More »