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The Keys to Better Managing Your Warehouse Workers

Is Your Onboarding Process Outdated?

Being a warehouse manager is hard work, but you’re passionate about it. As a committed leader, you’re always searching for ways to better manage your team, because you want them to be happy. Right now, you feel like things are okay, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Use these tips to create an even better… Read More »

How Might You Better Rely on Employee Feedback to Succeed in 2023

Talking to Your Recruiter | Jobs in Lehigh Valley

The new year is upon us and you’re looking to make some positive changes at your company. Specifically, you want to incorporate more employee feedback into both your management style and culture. Right now, you’re not requesting feedback as much as you know you should, so you need a little help setting up a system… Read More »

Characteristics of Effective Performance Metrics

As the boss, you want to set all your employees up for success. Part of this means creating effective performance metrics that push them do their very best work. Knowing exactly what this is can be difficult, as everyone is driven by different motivators. However, the best goals are able to help everyone learn and… Read More »

Getting Frustrated by Consistently Having To Hire? How Might HTSS Be Able To Help?

How Do I Find a Job on LinkedIn or Facebook?

You feel like your company is a great place to work, but unfortunately, many of your employees don’t share this sentiment. Lately, it feels like all you’re doing is filling open positions — and not because your team is growing. Constantly having to hire is frustrating for many reasons, including the associated costs, lost knowledge… Read More »

Management Skills That Will Help You Build a Successful Team

As a manager, you’re always striving to be your best for your team. Therefore, you’re interested in learning about skills you could sharpen to help your employees become even more successful. There’s no shortage of management abilities that can help your staff learn and grow, but of course, some hold more weight than others. Here’s… Read More »

How to Combat Negative Workplace Conversations

As the boss, you want your employees to be happy. However, the vibe at your office isn’t always sunny these days. Maybe you’ve heard negative conversations between employees yourself or perhaps you’ve just been alerted that they’re happening. No matter what the specifics, it’s important to nip them in the bud as quickly as possible.… Read More »

Benefits of Having Complimentary Snacks and Drinks in Your Warehouse Facility

Snacks for Warehouse Workers

Let’s face it — people love free food. This fact has inspired you to start thinking about providing snacks and drinks on the house at your warehouse. There’s literally no chance your employees won’t appreciate this perk, so you should definitely do it. Of course, you need to be sure there’s a strong business case… Read More »

10 Tips for More Effective Team Meetings

Hiring Trends in Lehigh Valley

Team meetings get your employees to work together in the same room — physically or virtually. This should boost productivity and help strengthen their bonds, but right now, it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Use this advice to get the most from this daily, weekly, or… Read More »