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Warehouse Workforce Development: Training and Retention Strategies

Long-term employees are a huge part of a company’s success. If you’re having trouble keeping warehouse workers on your team, it’s time to take action.

Devoting time, energy and resources to worker development is a must. This will make people feel valued and allow them to excel at their jobs, increasing the chances they’ll stay put. Here’s four training and retention strategies to incorporate into your company.

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

The compensation package you provide isn’t the only thing that matters, but it holds a lot of weight. If top talent knows they can earn a significantly higher salary and receive better benefits at a competing company, you can’t really blame them for going.

If the salaries you’re paying are below average for warehouse work in your local area, try to find room in the budget to boost them. In the event that a salary increase can’t happen, seek out other ways to make your company a great place to work. For example, you might give the break room a makeover, buy everyone pizza for lunch on Fridays or offer more scheduling flexibility.

Help Workers Climb the Ladder

If you want top talent to stay with your company, you need to focus on career growth. Have managers meet with workers regularly to learn more about their career goals. Provide them with the training needed to take that next step, and when a relevant position opens up, promote from within.

Invest in Managerial Training

Being a manager isn’t something people learn overnight. Many companies promote workers into leadership roles without providing them with proper training. This may lead to a host of issues that cause their subordinates to quit. Avoid this by making training an ongoing process for managers.

Thoroughly train new managers before leaving them in charge of a team and provide regular training to even the most seasoned managers. When it comes to leading a team of workers, there’s no such thing as having too much training.

Make Safety a Priority

No one wants to stay in a work environment they don’t feel safe in. If your company is admittedly too relaxed on safety standards it’s time to change that — for many reasons.

When people feel like their employer values them as humans and is doing everything they can to keep them safe on the job, they feel respected. These people have chosen to work for your team, so you owe it to them to do everything in your power to keep them safe.

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