How to Combat Negative Workplace Conversations

As the boss, you want your employees to be happy. However, the vibe at your office isn’t always sunny these days.

Maybe you’ve heard negative conversations between employees yourself or perhaps you’ve just been alerted that they’re happening. No matter what the specifics, it’s important to nip them in the bud as quickly as possible. Here’s some advice to help you do that.

Four Tips to Combat Negative Workplace Conversations

Get to the Root of the Problem

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. This means it’s likely there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Do some digging to figure out exactly what’s being said, who is saying it and how people are reacting. This can help you determine whether you’ll need to call a staff meeting to address the issue — i.e., something that affects the entire group — or simply keep it between a few employees.

Take Pessimistic Employees Aside

It’s possible the negative chatter in your workplace stems from one — or a few — not-so-happy employees. If you can identify the culprit(s), take them aside for a private discussion. Find out what’s causing their bad attitude and see what you can do to turn things around. Let them know you want them to be happy, but their negative mindset will not be tolerated in the future.

Don’t Take It Personally

As the boss, you feel protective of your company. It’s easy to become offended when employees have negative conversations on your watch, but it isn’t personal. Try to remain objective and focus on fixing the problem. If you let your ego get in the way, nothing will be accomplished.

Be a Source of Positivity

Employees look to you for guidance, so it’s possible you’re more to blame for these negative conversations than you realize. Take a look at your own behavior and be honest with yourself if your disposition isn’t as sunny as you imagined. Turn your attitude around and be a positive force for your team. Chances are, they’ll follow suit and before you know it, workplace chatter will be much more optimistic.

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