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Getting Frustrated by Consistently Having To Hire? How Might HTSS Be Able To Help?

You feel like your company is a great place to work, but unfortunately, many of your employees don’t share this sentiment. Lately, it feels like all you’re doing is filling open positions — and not because your team is growing.

Constantly having to hire is frustrating for many reasons, including the associated costs, lost knowledge and the hassle. At HTSS, Inc. we know how you feel, and we’re here to assist.

Three Ways HTSS, Inc. Can Help Solve Your Turnover Issues

Evaluate the Situation

As a company leader, it can be hard for you to spot issues causing talent to leave because you’re in the thick of it. It’s a lot easier for us to pick up on factors that might be leading to high levels of turnover because we’re an impartial third party who does this for a living.

We’ll review potential issues like salary, company culture, growth opportunities and job descriptions that don’t match the actual role to find out what’s going on. Getting to the root cause is the only way to make the kind of changes that finally puts an end to this problem.

Permanently Make Difficult Jobs Temporary

It’s possible certain positions at your company are necessary, but not exactly the most desirable. Whether they’re monotonous, trying on the nerves or physically challenging, you just can’t seem to get anyone to stay long in these roles.

After assessing the situation, our team might recommend permanently categorizing these jobs as temporary. Changing expectations for the job can ensure you get the most from the person in it because despite its challenging nature, they’ll have an end date in sight.

In this case, we’ll take over hiring for you, so you’re not still constantly burdened by the need to fill the position.

Improve Your Hiring Process

If you’re willing to hand over the reins, our team will change your hiring process for the better. We’ll handle every aspect of hiring, including writing job descriptions, tapping into our talent pools to find candidates, and conducting interviews to find the perfect fit. All you’ll have to do is meet with our top choices and make a final decision that feels right for your team.

Is your Lehigh Valley company is plagued by turnover issues? HTSS, Inc. is here to help you solve this problem once and for all. Contact us today to get started!


CEO Letter

As a staffing and recruitment professional for over  30 years, I have seen many changes in the industry. Over that time, I’ve witnessed a transformation in the way organizations view staffing services. Today, we see more and more companies using staffing services as a strategic tool, rather than just for temporary fill-ins.

At HTSS, Inc., our focus is on helping companies create proactive workforce plans. Our goal is to help our clients use staffing strategically to increase capacity, overcome hiring freezes, access specialized talent, better manage increased workloads, and enhance overall productivity.

For our candidates, we help to uncover truly rewarding job opportunities—jobs that are a match to each candidate’s skills, and jobs that offer key experience and growth potential.

We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our current clients and candidates, as well as forming new and exciting partnerships in the future.


Pat Howells
HTSS, Inc.