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Benefits of Having Complimentary Snacks and Drinks in Your Warehouse Facility

Let’s face it — people love free food. This fact has inspired you to start thinking about providing snacks and drinks on the house at your warehouse. There’s literally no chance your employees won’t appreciate this perk, so you should definitely do it.

Of course, you need to be sure there’s a strong business case to support this coveted benefit, before making a final choice. Here are a few advantages you’ll gain from it.

Three Reasons to Offer Free Snacks and Drinks at Your Warehouse

Increase Productivity

Most people aren’t their most efficient when hungry. Whether they’re tired, have a headache, lose focus or become a bit cranky — i.e., hangry — they’re not able to give 100%. Having snacks in the breakroom is an easy fix because they can take a quick break and grab a bite. Instead of having to feel hunger pangs until lunch or quitting time, they can refuel and get back to their super productive selves.

Encourage Healthier Eating

One of the benefits of offering free snacks and beverages is getting to decide exactly what’s on the menu. If you’ve noticed many of your workers don’t make the healthiest snack choices — i.e., chips and soda are very popular — you can have a positive impact on their diets.

As previously noted, people love free food. Therefore, even workers who tend to gravitate toward unhealthy options won’t likely pass up wholesome snacks at their disposal. Little changes to their diet can help them feel better and can even inspire major adjustments that improve their overall quality of life.

Boost Morale

People want an employer who truly cares about them. As the old saying goes, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so offering free refreshments will make them feel valued. The happier your warehouse team is, the less likely they’ll be to quit. This is a small price to pay for higher retention rates and workers who feel like they have the best employer in the area.

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