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The Importance of Authentic Employee Feedback and What You Can Do to Receive It

Your company is only as strong as your employee satisfaction rate. Whether you feel like it’s currently high or there’s room for improvement, you won’t know for sure until you ask your staff.

Of course, most employees won’t be too eager to speak up when put on the spot, so you have to set the tone. Use this advice to find out how happy your employees really are with both their jobs and your company.

Four Ways to Receive Authentic Employee Feedback


Understandably, many people aren’t too eager to say anything negative about their employer, for fear of retaliation. No matter how many times you tell them they won’t be punished for giving honest feedback, they won’t speak their truth.

Therefore, collecting feedback anonymously can be the best way to find out how people really feel. Depending on the amount of feedback needed, you can send an anonymous pulse survey — with just a few questions — or an employee engagement survey — with more in-depth questions.

Exit Interviews

Since they have nothing to lose, departing employees are often more eager to speak up about issues they had with the company. Conducting an exit interview on their last day is a great way to find out what they liked most about their jobs and working for your company and learn where there’s room for improvement.

If one person mentions certain issues, it’s likely others feel the same way, so this can give you the information needed to stop others from leaving.

Stay Interviews

Your top employees are the backbone of your company, so it’s important to keep them happy. Therefore, conducting stay interviews with them on an annual basis can help you find out what’s working for them and what isn’t. This is your chance to ask them what kind of opportunity or benefit offered by another company could possibly cause them to leave. Let them know you’re only asking these questions because you value them so much and want to do everything you can to keep them on board.

Follow Through

Be prepared to act when you request employee feedback. If you don’t, people will just become even more frustrated, because they’ve told you what they need and you’ve ignored them. By giving you tips for improvement they’ve done their part, so now it’s time to do yours by stepping up and making positive changes.

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