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Tired of Watching Your Employees Leave Early at the End of the Day? What Can You Do About It?

Being the boss isn’t easy — especially when employees don’t follow the rules. You like to think you have a pretty fair management style, but it’s definitely bugging you that several staffers have taken it upon themselves to leave work early on a regular basis.

As one of the top staffing agencies near Bethlehem, PA, HTSS, Inc. understands this can be very frustrating. Here’s some advice to help you deal with employees leaving early.

Five Steps to Take When Employees Leave Work Early (Without Permission)

Consider the Impact

As you know, being a good boss sometimes means choosing your battles. If your employees are getting their work done and only leaving a few minutes early, calling them out on this could do more harm than good. Take the time to think about what, if any, effect this behavior actually has on the business before speaking up.

Talk to Them

If you decide the early exits do have a negative impact on the team, you’ll need to bring this issue up. There are a couple different ways to do this. You might meet with each person individually if only a few employees are guilty of this behavior. However, if you need to talk to a lot of people, you could address the problem during your next staff meeting. Tell anyone with questions or concerns to talk with you privately afterward.

Create a Plan

It’s possible at least some of your employees are skipping out of work a few minutes early for a good reason — i.e., to catch a bus that doesn’t come at regular intervals or pick their kids up from school. In this case, try to be flexible. Work with them to find a way to make up the extra time at another point in the day. For example, they might be able to come into the office a few minutes early or cut their lunch break a little short.

Set Consequences

Ultimately, you’re the boss and your employees need to listen to you. Therefore, if someone chooses to continue leaving early without your permission, they need to face repercussions. Put the consequences in writing and have your employee(s) sign the document, acknowledging they read it and are aware of what will happen if they continue to ignore the rules.

Take Action

Employees won’t take you seriously if you don’t follow through on your word. If they continue to disobey your rules, move forward with the disciplinary action they agreed to accept for continuing this behavior. Hopefully, this will spark positive change, but if not, it at least sends a message to the rest of your staff that leaving early without permission is not acceptable.

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