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How Does One Manage Employees Who Leave Work Early? (Recommended)

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: How Does One Manage Employees Who Leave Work Early?


How Does One Manage Employees Who Leave Work Early? from HTSS Inc.



Being a manager is hard work. Whether you were recently promoted from an individual contributor position or you’ve been in this role for decades, managing people always comes with challenges — including getting staffers to stay in the office until the end of the workday.

If one of your employees habitually leaves early without notice, the whole team has probably taken notice. HTSS, Inc. — one of the best employment agencies in the Lehigh Valley area — encourages you to take control of this situation immediately, before everyone starts coming and going as they please. As the boss, you must stay in control of your employees or you’ll lose their respect.

Employees leaving early? Follow these steps to get them to stop sneaking out of work early.

Stop Looking the Other Way

If you’re not a fan of confrontation or live in fear of being viewed as a mean boss, you might have let your employee’s behavior slide until this point. It’s time to step up and acknowledge the problem, because this person isn’t playing by the rules — and that’s not okay. Take the employee leaving early without notice aside and let them know they’re slipping out early hasn’t gone unnoticed and find out why they think it’s okay to behave in this manner.

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Find a Solution

After learning the person’s reasons for leaving early, you’re in a better place to proceed. For example, if they’re packing up early because of a legit reason — such as having to pick a child up from school at a certain time — you might be able to adjust their hours so they come into work earlier. It’s also possible they’ve rationalized their early departure as fair because they’re not taking breaks or a lunch. It’s up to you to decide if the person truly needs to be at their desk until a certain time or if you can offer some type of flexible schedule. Regardless, you need to let the person it isn’t okay to simply leave work early without telling you. From there establish a policy for leaving work early!

Enforce the Rules You Set

Now that you and your employee have discussed their bad habit of disappearing from work early, you need to impose the rules you created by creating a leaving work early policy. If you told the person leaving early isn’t acceptable or asked them to just let you know in advance, but they continue to disobey your orders, you need to call them back into your office for another meeting immediately. Consult HR or talk to your own boss to determine whether disciplinary action needs to be taken.

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