How Can You Effectively Convey Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

You’re a seriously talented professional, but hiring managers won’t know this if your resume doesn’t properly highlight your top accomplishments. Of course, knowing which achievements to include and how to go about it isn’t always easy.

There’s only so much space on this key document, so you always want to focus on career triumphs relevant to the job at hand. As one of the top temp agencies in Allentown, PA, HTSS, Inc. knows a thing or two about underlining your successes.

This is an incredible opportunity to show potential employers you’re the best person for the job before you’ve even met them. Use this advice to seamlessly weave your top wins into your resume content.

Three Ways to Effectively Convey Accomplishments on Your Resume

Summarize Relevant Successes

The summary — or objective — section of your resume essentially introduces you to the reader. This is a great opportunity to highlight your top accomplishments, as you’re offering a preview of your skills and experience. Work a few achievements into the two or three sentences this section is composed of to intrigue the reader and make them want to keep learning more about you.

Quantify Bullet Points

Each job listed on your resume will have several bullet points beneath it, where you’ll list the key responsibilities associated with the position. Knowing what you did in the job is helpful to the reader, but quantifying these bullet points adds much-needed context. This is a great way to showcase the depth of your skills and experience because numbers tell a story of their own.

Add a ‘Career Highlights’ Section

If you’re a seasoned professional or otherwise unusually accomplished, focusing an entire section of your resume on your biggest career wins can be a wise move. Use bullet points to share these achievements, so they’re easy to scan. Putting them all in one place ensures they won’t be overlooked and makes for an impressive series of bullet points for the reader to peruse at once.

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