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Is Your Onboarding Process Outdated…and Boring?

Hiring a new employee is a huge deal — but you’re far from done when they sign their offer letter. In fact, top employment agencies in Lehigh County will tell you it’s very common for people to quit if your onboarding process doesn’t properly prepare them for their job.

If your introductory activities are outdated and boring, they’re not effective and this could cause you to lose your new employees before they ever really get started. Here are a few meaningful changes to make to set new hires up for years of success at your company.

Four Ways to Update Your Onboarding Process

Build Connections Early

Walking into a new job not knowing anyone but the people you met during the interview process is seriously nerve-wracking. Ease your new hires’ anxiety by introducing them to the team before their start date.

Try to gather those they’ll be working closely with for lunch or happy hour as soon as possible after they accept your offer. If meeting in person can’t happen, have each person send them a welcome email or arrange a video call.

Make Paperwork More Efficient

Starting a new job means filling out a ton of paperwork. This might be unavoidable, but you don’t have to make the person spend their first day knee-deep in it.

Instead, invest in software that allows them to complete the paperwork online ahead of time. Of course, this might not be in the budget right now, and if not, at least mail them the papers in advance, so they can fill them out at their leisure.

Create a Tradition

Make your new hire feel special by initiating them to your team with a fun ritual. This should be something enjoyable for everyone — never anything that would embarrass them — and help the team bond.

For example, you might buy a fun statue that’s passed down to them from the person who was previously the newest on the team. Or, you could arrange for every new hire to have breakfast with the boss on their first day — there’s no shortage of options.

Request Feedback

It’s hard to know what needs to change with your onboarding process unless you ask those who recently went through it. Survey new hires after their first month or so on the job to find out what’s working and where there’s room for improvement.

Constantly working to refine your process will ensure your hiring process never gets stale. This is a great way to give new employees a strong start to your company.

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