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4 Books All Leaders Should Read in 2023

You’re a great leader, but like others in your shoes, you’re always striving to become an even better version of yourself. Since the new year is almost here, you’re working on ways to grow as a leader in 2023.

One of your favorite ways to learn is to read leadership books in your free time, but you don’t currently have any on your list. To get you started, here’s four books you’ll want to read next year.

Four Books All Leaders Should Read in 2023

‘Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors That Lead to Big Impact’

As you’re well aware, technology has made it hard to fully check out from work at the end of the day. This of course can lead to burn out, because you can easily feel like work completely consumes your life.

In “Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors That Lead to Big Impact,” G. Shawn Hunter shares small intentional behaviors to practice each day that will help you grow stronger and become a better leader. These include everything from tips to help you relax to ways to boost your confidence.

You’ll also learn 12 critical competencies that are consistently displayed in the daily behaviors of the most successful leaders today, so you can model your own accordingly.

‘Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know’

Being a leader means having the knowledge and confidence to challenge the status quo. This is exactly what you’ll learn in “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know,” by Adam Grant.

Specifically, this book will teach you the ability to rethink and unlearn behaviors and convictions both you and society feel comfortable following. In many cases, this will mean taking the harder route, instead of the one that’s easy and familiar, but that’s how positive change happens.

‘Surrounded By Idiots (The Surrounded By Idiots Series)’

Part of a five-book series, the title of “Surrounded By Idiots” by Thomas Erikson — a communications expert — might make you chuckle, but it offers valuable leadership lessons. Specifically, you’ll learn how to understand how different types of people function and why it’s much harder for you to connect with certain personality types than others.

This book will help you better understand yourself, while sharpening your communications skills, learning to navigate conflict with ease, improving your team dynamic and relationship with your boss and getting the most from interactions with colleagues. You’ll also learn other skills, such as body language tricks and tips to improve your written communication.

‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful’

If you feel like you’re doing well in your career, but something is holding you back, this book is for you. Written by Marshall Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful” will help you get to the next level.

Find out how to recognize your own annoying habits that are standing in the way of greater career success. Discovering these truths might not be easy, but if you’re willing to dive deep and be totally honest with yourself, you’ll be able to learn and grow.

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