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Top 5 Things Job Seekers Are Looking For In Job Posts

Finding top talent isn’t easy these days. Right now, it’s a job seeker’s market, so you need to work hard to captivate them.

In most cases, the job description is the first time potential applicants will learn of an opportunity at your company, so it needs to make a great impression. If the right information isn’t included, top talent will likely scroll on to the next posting.

Knowing exactly what to include in the job description isn’t easy — especially if you haven’t written many yourself. Use this guide to get it right.

Top 5 Things Job Seekers Are Looking for in Job Posts

Job Overview

No two teams are the same, meaning no two jobs serve exactly the same purpose. Therefore, top talent wants to know exactly how this position fits into your team.

Written in paragraph form, this section should briefly describe what a typical day on the job looks like. You’ll also want to dedicate a sentence or two to the role the position plays in the company’s overall success.

Main Responsibilities

Most jobs come with a laundry list of duties, but some are much more prevalent than others. If hired, savvy candidates want to know what they’ll spend most of their time doing. The best way to present this is to make a bulleted list of the top — approximately five to seven — most critical job duties. This makes it easy to scan, so those interested can quickly gauge their fit.


Candidates are busy people, so they don’t want to waste time applying for a job they’re not qualified for. Consequently, one of the first things they’ll look for is the qualifications needed for consideration — i.e., skills, experience, and education. Without this, they might not want to take the gamble of applying without knowing if they meet the minimum hiring criteria.

Salary Range

Money isn’t everything, but it directly influences a candidate’s standard of living. Considering this, it isn’t surprising that people want at least a general idea of what they would be earning in the position. In most cases, the salary offered to a candidate is based on a number of factors — i.e., skills and experience — so including a pay range is typically the best option.


You don’t want people to seek out your company simply for the perks, but they do matter. The best and brightest candidates have their choice of employers, so this is your chance to really sell your company.

People want to know what benefits they’ll receive as part of your team because they can make a big difference in their take-home pay and quality of life. Perks like the ability to work from home, 100% paid health insurance, a pet-friendly workplace, and onsite childcare are big selling points, so it’s important to highlight them.

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