How Might You Motivate Workplace Extroverts to Maximize Their Productivity?

Your team is made up of a diverse group of individuals — including several extroverts. Friendly and engaging, these people stand out from the crowd with their outgoing personalities.

As a staffing agency that specializes in providing hiring help in Lehigh Valley, PA, HTSS, Inc. knows motivating extroverts can require a special touch. They’re certainly driven, but if they don’t receive the social stimulation they crave, this personality type can wither.

Here’s how to set your extroverts up for success, making them essentially unstoppable.

Four Tips to Maximize Your Extroverts’ Productivity

Encourage Collaboration

Extroverts thrive in the company of others. Teamwork isn’t for everyone, but this personality type craves it, because they enjoy connecting with their peers. The social interaction makes them feel energized, so allow them to work on teams when possible. Sharing ideas with their colleagues and working toward common goals will cause them to reach peak productivity.

Provide Frequent Praise

As highly social creatures, extroverts enjoy validation — especially from the boss. Motivate them to do their best work by complimenting their efforts on a regular basis. Knowing you’re paying attention will make them feel like the spotlight is on them, encouraging them to put their best self forward every day.

Let Them Socialize

Requiring extroverts to sit and be silent at their desk all day is a sure way to drain their energy. It might look like they’re wasting time chatting around the watercooler, but they’re actually recharging their batteries. Unless the idle chit chat becomes excessive, don’t say anything about the — several — breaks they take each day, because they truly need them.

Make Them Feel Heard

Since they like to talk, you can feel certain extroverts want to share their opinions with you. Motivate them by giving them plenty of opportunities to offer input. This might involve opening the floor for discussion at the end of every staff meeting or creating an open door policy. Knowing you’re interested in what they have to say encourages extroverts, because it shows them they’re a valued member of your staff.

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