Three Signs Your First Interview Went Well

You just finished a job interview, and you’re really hoping it went as well as you think it did. Conversation flowed easily with the interviewer and the meeting only made you more excited about the position.

As a staffing firm that provides Lehigh Valley job search help every day, HTSS, Inc. knows interviewers tend to give clues when they’re pleased with candidates. While it’s not the same thing as actually being invited for a second interview or receiving a job offer, knowing the telltale signs can help keep your confidence up in the interim.

Want to know if you made a good impression? If any of the following happened in your interview, feel confident you did.

Three Signs Your First Interview Went Well

It Lasted Longer Than Expected

Interviewers are busy people. They don’t have time to extend meetings with candidates they know aren’t getting the job. Therefore, if your interview went beyond the scheduled time, they were definitely interested in what you had to say. Wanting to learn as much about you as possible is a great sign because they’re clearly trying to see if you’re a fit for the job.

You Were Asked About Your Availability

If an interviewer doesn’t want to see you again, they won’t ask what your upcoming schedule looks like. Whether they’re trying to plan for a second interview or want to know if you have any vacations in the works that could impact your start date, the fact that they’re interested in what you’re doing is very good.

They Want You to Meet More Team Members

When an interviewer likes a candidate, they’re eager to see how they mesh with the rest of the team. Therefore, if they took you on a tour of the office and made introductions or mentioned wanting you to meet certain people next time, you absolutely made a great impression. Only top candidates are invited to meet additional employees because interviewers don’t want to waste the team’s time on those who clearly don’t have what it takes.

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