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How to Talk to Your Recruiter When a Job You’re Placed In… Isn’t Right for You

When your recruiter first placed you in your current warehouse job, you were excited to take on a new challenge. However, things aren’t working out quite as you hoped.

Maybe the company culture is a poor fit or the job itself isn’t what you thought it would be — whatever the case, you want out. If you’re nervous about breaking the news to your recruiter, don’t be. These things happen, so it’s important to speak up and let them know how you’re feeling.

Three Tips to Talk to Your Recruiter When the Job You’re Placed in Isn’t Working

Don’t Delay

Every new job takes some getting used to, so it’s important to give it enough time to get acclimated. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stick around after you’ve learned the ropes and still feel like it’s a poor fit. Promptly reaching out to your recruiter will allow them to start taking steps to find you a different position as quickly as possible.

Be Honest

Your recruiter connected you with this job, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be upset that things aren’t working out — in fact, the opposite is true. If you’re not happy, they want to know, so they can take measures to make things right. Being candid about your situation will ensure you’re able to transition to a new position that makes you excited to go to work each day.

Get Specific

If possible, write down everything that isn’t working for you about the job — along with what you do like about it — so you can cover all the bases with your recruiter. The more information you can provide, the better equipped they’ll be to find you a new job that’s a much better fit. Detailed feedback from you is essential, because without it, you could end up in a similar situation again, since your recruiter has no other way of knowing what went well and what didn’t.

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