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A Few Signs Your Morning Routine Needs a Drastic Revamp

The manner in which you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it — and right now, your morning routine isn’t leading you to success. Maybe habits that used to work for you are no longer cutting it or perhaps you’re stuck in a rut that would hold anyone back.

Regardless, it’s time to make a major change. Here are a few tips to help get your day off to a seriously productive start.

Three Signs Your Morning Needs a Drastic Revamp

You’re Always Running Late

Everyone has days where they hit the snooze button too many times or spend way too much time trying to salvage a bad hair day. However, if being late has become a habit, this isn’t good. Rushing around trying to get to work as quickly as possible is likely causing you to start each morning on a stressful note. As the boss, you lead by example, so your employees might also be coming to work late, because you’re sending the impression that punctuality is optional.

Make a much-needed change by getting to the root of your lateness. Whether you’re staying up too late — and subsequently sleeping in too late — doing too many things in the morning that could be done the night before — i.e., making lunch and choosing your outfit — or wasting too much time browsing social media on your smartphone, you can’t make necessary adjustments unless you know what’s going on.

You Don’t Feel Energized

Getting out of bed and rushing off to work doesn’t leave much time for your body to wake up. Therefore, it’s no wonder you’re still tired when you get to the office. Boost your energy by getting out of bed earlier and making time to do something you enjoy — i.e., exercising, mediating, reading the newspaper with your morning coffee. This will allow you to fully wake up before it’s time to leave for work, so you’ll be ready to tackle your to-do list by the time you arrive.

You Never Feel Accomplished

It’s one thing to have lunchtime sneak up on you because you’re busy, but another story if you have no idea what you did with all that time. If you typically feel like the morning goes by without any real productivity, this is a problem.

Whether you’re chatting with co-workers, attending meetings that really don’t require your presence or dedicating too much time to email, it’s time to reshape your routine. Different practices work for different people, so you might consider making a morning to-do list before leaving the office each night, blocking time off on your calendar for uninterrupted work or pushing back if you don’t think you need to be at a meeting.

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