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What Makes You Stand Out in a Job Interview?

A question originally found on Quora, savvy candidates want to know “What unique qualities do you bring to a job interview?”. It makes sense this is on job seekers’ minds, as several people typically interview for an open position, but only one is ultimately selected.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming interview or simply trying to learn as much as possible before starting your job search, knowing how to stand out from the crowd is a must. Here’s some advice to help you make a lasting impression.

Four Tips to Stand Out in a Job Interview

Do Your Homework

It should go without saying that hiring managers seek out candidates who truly want the job. Show your enthusiasm for the position by taking the time to research the company, craft responses to common interview questions and practice your delivery. If you fail to take any of these steps, it will be obvious and it won’t be a good look. Advance preparation is a major key to success, so don’t try to wing it.

Share Insightful Stories

It’s hard to learn much about your abilities if you provide brief, generic responses. Help the interviewer understand the depth of your experience by preparing stories that highlight your skills. When possible, quantify results to really emphasize your fit, as numbers leave no room for misinterpretation.

Ask Great Questions

You’ll be in the hot seat for most of the interview, but at some point, the tables will turn. This is your chance to ask questions that will help you learn if the job is the right fit for you — and the hiring manager will be listening closely.

If your questions are surface-level — i.e., those that touch on things like work hours, salary and benefits — they’ll assume you want the job for the wrong reasons. Therefore, it’s important to ask insightful questions that focus on job itself — i.e., those about job duties, company culture and room for advancement — to make it clear you’re truly interested in the position itself.

Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

Let’s face it — you’re going to make a few mistakes in your job interview. Instead of stressing yourself out, realize this will happen and allow yourself to move on. Hiring managers know interviews are stressful, so they don’t expect perfection. Dwelling on your missteps will do nothing but cause you to make even more blunders, so pull yourself together and move on.

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