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What Can I Expect in Partnering With a Recruiter From HTSS for My Job Search?

You’ve been searching for a new job in Lehigh Valley for a while now, but you haven’t had luck. Many of the openings you’ve found aren’t quite what you’re looking for, and those that have caught your interest haven’t worked out.

No doubt, you’re feeling a bit discouraged, but there’s one seriously helpful approach you have yet to try — partnering with HTSS, Inc. If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, you might be a bit hesitant, so take a look at what you have to gain from this relationship.

Here’s What HTSS Can Do For Your Job Search

Find the Right Fit

More than just a new job, you’re looking to take the next step in your career. HTSS, Inc. understands the importance of finding an opportunity that perfectly aligns with your experience and career objectives. We won’t stop searching until we connect you with a role that serves as a stepping stone to the future you want.

Earn Extra Cash

It’s possible you’re not searching for a long-term gig right now. If you want a temporary job to earn some extra cash, we can help you with that. Plenty of local companies seek seasonal workers to help out during their busy times, serving as a great way to score a paycheck with zero long-term obligations.

Get an “In” With Your Dream Employer

Knowing exactly which Lehigh Valley company you want to work for is great, but it can be frustrating if you’re having trouble getting hired. Whether the right job hasn’t become available or you haven’t been selected for positions you’re interested in, HTSS can help.

We’re here to connect you with temporary opportunities that can turn into something more. If you make a great impression, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a full-time role at the end of your contract — or when something becomes available.

Score Exclusive Opportunities

May top local employers don’t post job openings publicly. Instead, they hire us to discreetly fill their open positions. Working with our team is the only way to know these jobs exist, so don’t miss out by insisting on steering a solo search.

Get Help Preparing for Interviews

Job interviews can make even the most confident people feel stressed beyond measure. However, you won’t get a new job without at least one successful interview — and we’re here to help boost your confidence.

Need a little help finding a great new job?

Your HTSS recruiter will coach you for upcoming job interviews, so you can go into the meeting feeling prepared and ready to shine. HTSS is here to help guide your search for the right opportunity with a top Lehigh Valley employer. Contact us.


CEO Letter

As a staffing and recruitment professional for over  30 years, I have seen many changes in the industry. Over that time, I’ve witnessed a transformation in the way organizations view staffing services. Today, we see more and more companies using staffing services as a strategic tool, rather than just for temporary fill-ins.

At HTSS, Inc., our focus is on helping companies create proactive workforce plans. Our goal is to help our clients use staffing strategically to increase capacity, overcome hiring freezes, access specialized talent, better manage increased workloads, and enhance overall productivity.

For our candidates, we help to uncover truly rewarding job opportunities—jobs that are a match to each candidate’s skills, and jobs that offer key experience and growth potential.

We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our current clients and candidates, as well as forming new and exciting partnerships in the future.


Pat Howells
HTSS, Inc.