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The Key to Appearing Confident and Calm…When Under High Stress and Pressure

Let’s be honest — you’re under a lot of pressure at work right now. Whether you’re leading a new project, helping the company navigate a public relations nightmare, or simply in the midst of a busy season, your stress level has been consistently high for days.

The first part of alleviating stress is recognizing its presence, which you’ve done. This is a big step in the right direction, so you’re already on the right path.

Now, you want to appear confident and calm, and taking care of yourself is the key to accomplishing that. Here’s some advice to help you find Zen amid the chaos at work.

Four Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Periods of High Stress

Learn Quick Stress Relievers

When you’re having a particularly hectic day, you might feel like screaming or hiding under your desk. Of course, this is something you can’t do, but thankfully, there are several quick and easy ways to fight stress. Take a few deep breaths, engage in a few quick stretches or get up from your desk and do a quick lap around the office.

Find Healthy Ways to Combat Stress

There’s plenty of ways to manage stress, but not all approaches will actually produce a positive result. It’s important to focus on healthy activities that will take your mind off the pressure you’re feeling at work, as these won’t just make you feel better in the short term. Find at least one activity you enjoy, such as going for a run, reading a good book, yoga, taking a bubble bath, or cooking a nutritious meal and get lost in it for a while. This will allow you to relax and recharge so that you can feel like yourself at work again.

Create a Strong Support System

When the going gets rough at work, you need positive people to lean on. Try to avoid those who further add to your stress, and focus on spending time with those who always seem to make you feel better. Confiding in them about the pressure you’re under will help you relax because it always feels good to get your problems off your chest.

Know Your Limits

There’s only so much pressure you can take. It’s important to set boundaries, so you can push back if you’re asked to meet unrealistic deadlines, take on an inhumane workload or put in seriously crazy hours. Knowing how much work you can realistically handle will allow you to avoid burnout, which is vital for you, your employees, and your employer.

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