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How Do I Find a Job on LinkedIn or Facebook?

Originally posted on Quora, the question “How do I find a job on LinkedIn or Facebook?” has become increasingly popular. Instead of solely relying on job boards and company websites to find employment opportunities in Lehigh Valley, savvy candidates know there’s plenty on social media.

LinkedIn and Facebook are both popular sites to find work, but that doesn’t mean the right openings will just magically appear in your feed. Here’s some advice to get you started.

5 Tips to Find a Job Using Facebook or LinkedIn

Let Your Network Know You’re Seeking New Opportunities

You might not realize it, but your existing contacts could be helpful in your job search. As long as it won’t jeopardize your current employment situation, sharing a status update to let them know you’re interested in new opportunities could lead you to your dream job. Hiring managers prefer recommendations from someone they know and trust, so having an “in” could give you the competitive advantage needed to get hired.

Follow Companies You’re Interested In

These days, employers frequently post job openings on their Facebook or LinkedIn Pages — or even have a paged dedicated exclusively to hiring. Following these pages will allow you to learn more about these companies and what it’s like to work for them while ensuring you’ll be in the know about every opening posted.

Make New Contacts

As you know, social media is a great place to meet new people, so take advantage of this to make new business connections. Search for professionals in your local area with job titles that align with your career goals and/or who work at companies you’re interested in, and send them a request to connect. Include a brief message explaining why you’re reaching out, as many people ignore or delete requests they believe are random. If they’re willing to help, they might be able to offer valuable career advice or serve as your “in” with their employer.

Add Relevant Keywords to Posts

Help potential employers find you by including keywords relevant to your industry on posts. Conduct research to find out what hashtags are popular with other job seekers, professionals, and employers in your industry to ensure the ones you use are likely to be noticed.

Maintain an Active Presence

The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to get noticed. Activities like posting industry-relevant content, commenting on employers’ pages, checking your feed for leads, and reaching out to potential contacts on a regular basis will increase your chances of finding a new job. Try to make time for this every day — or a few times a week at a minimum — to get noticed.

Are you ready to find a new job?

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