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What Characteristics Do Hiring Managers Look for When Hiring Warehouse Temps?

You’re interested in finding work through a warehouse temp agency, but you’re not sure what it takes to get hired. Whether you’re just looking to earn some extra cash or want to try this line of work out on a temporary basis, you’re eager to make a great impression.

Specific hard skills required vary by position, but many soft skills are the same for all warehouse workers. Here’s a look at a few key traits you’ll want to emphasize on your resume and in your job interview, to prove you have what it takes to shine in this type of setting.

5 Characteristics Hiring Managers Look for in Warehouse Temps


Warehouses are busy places filled with heavy machinery. Therefore, they can be dangerous if everyone doesn’t follow the rules. Employers want temps who understand the importance of adhering to all safety protocols because serious accidents can happen if all workers don’t take necessary precautions.

Team Player

Collaboration is a huge part of working in a warehouse. Each person has their own set of responsibilities, but people work in close quarters and rely on one another to do their jobs. This type of environment breeds teamwork, so it’s important for everyone to share a mindset of helping one another for the greater good. This can mean anything from picking up extra shifts during busy periods to taking on responsibilities outside your job description if needed.


No two days in a warehouse are the same, so it’s important for workers to be able to think on their feet. When issues arise — and they often do — warehouse workers need to come up with creative solutions to keep things running smoothly. This requires an ability to change course on a dime and quickly adapt to a new plan.


Working with your hands is very satisfying, but it’s not a cushy office job. Warehouse roles often involve working long hours in both hot and cold environments, so thriving in this type of setting requires stamina. Physical strength is also a must, as most warehouse positions involve at least some degree of heavy lifting.


A warehouse is filled with activity. Each shift, there are workers buzzing about and inventory coming in and out all day. This makes it crucial for workers to pay close attention to detail because there’s a lot going on. Failing to pay attention to even the slightest issues on an assembly line or carefully read customer orders can result in big mistakes. Therefore, workers must do their jobs carefully and pay close attention to specifics.

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