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How to Manage an Extended Working-From-Home Policy to Maintain Your Productivity

Like many jobs in Lehigh ValleyPA, yours unexpectantly turned into a work-from-home position when COVID-19 began to hit the U.S. hard. You’re grateful to be able to work remotely through the pandemic, but it’s definitely a major change. 

It seems you’re probably not going back to the office anytime soon, so it’s time to accept working from home as your new normal. You’ve noticed you haven’t been as productive since you stopped working in the office, and you’re ready to change that.  

Here’s some advice to help you work more efficiently as a remote employee. 

How to Be Productive When Working From Home 

Set a Routine 

Working from home gives you a lot more freedom, but that’s not always a good thing. If you’re struggling to accomplish much each day, a lack of structure might be the problem. Achieve this by treating the time as a traditional office day  of course, with major modifications. 

For example, wake up at the same time each morning, set a designed time to start work, and stop for lunch at the same time each day. Getting in a routine will make working from home feel normal, which will help you get in a more productive mindset. 

Get Dressed 

For many people, one of the best things about working from home is staying in their pajamas all day. While this is undeniably comfortable, it doesn’t exactly promote productivity. There’s certainly no need to wear dress pants or a pencil skirt around your house, but don’t stay in loungewear all day. Simply having ‘real clothes’ on will energize you and help you accomplish more. 

Create a Designated Workspace 

In theory, working on your couch might seem like a dream. However, nothing about it is conducive to productivity  especially if you don’t live alone. If possible, carve out a designated workspace in your home that’s quiet and free of distractions. This will improve your concentration and create a solid divide between where you work and play. 

Establish Boundaries 

Working from home shouldn’t mean you’re available at all hours of the day. It’s possible you’re less productive because you’re burnt out from fielding calls and messages from morning through evening, seven days per week. Creating boundaries will make you more productive because you need time to recharge during your off-hours. 

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