Safety First: Essential PPE for the Warehouse

When filling warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA, you look for candidates who take safety seriously. As an employer, it’s also important that you prioritize safety. Making sure your warehouse is fully stocked with personal proactive equipment is a major component. 

Also known as “PPE,” this type of equipment is worn to minimize workers’ exposure to hazards that can lead to serious illnesses and injuries. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration advises that workers who come in contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical and other workplace hazards should likely wear PPE. 

Employers must provide PPE when it is needed to protect workers from job-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities, according to OSHA. When it is needed to comply with OSHA standards, employers are almost always responsible for the footing the bill. 

Different Types of PPE 

PPE comes in many different forms. The type needed depends on the specific hazards present at your warehouse, and the jobs performed by employees. According to OSHA, common forms of PPE include: 

  • Gloves 
  • Safety glasses and shoes 
  • Earplugs or muffs 
  • Hard hats 
  • Respirators
  • Coveralls, vests and full bodysuits 

To ensure its ongoing safety, PPE must be properly maintained. It’s also crucial that this equipment comfortably fits the person wearing it. OSHA warns that ill-fitting PPE puts the wearer at risk of being dangerously exposed to the hazard it’s designed to protect against. 

Training Workers to Use PPE 

When workers are required to use PPE, employers must provide training, so they have all the information needed to protect themselves. According to OSHA, training must include: 

  • When PPE is needed 
  • Type of PPE needed 
  • How to properly put in, adjust, wear and take it off 
  • Equipment limitations 
  • Proper care, maintenance, useful life and disposal  

Keeping Your Workers Safe 

It’s great if you already have proper PPE for your warehouse team. This is a major step toward keeping everyone safe and healthy. However, it’s important to have a maintenance plan that involves regularly checking PPE to make sure it’s still in optimal working condition. After all, PPE doesn’t do your workers any good, if it’s no longer able to protect against hazards. 

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