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Launching a Company Wellness Program — What You Need to Know

It’s been a long time coming, but you’ve finally decided to create a company wellness program. When top talent searches for Allentown, PA jobs and finds openings at your organization, you know this is something they want to find. 

Of course, you also want existing workers to feel valued, and focusing on their wellbeing is a great way to achieve that. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Four Tips to Create a Company Wellness Program 

Set Standards for Success 

It’s hard to build an effective wellness program without a solid foundation. Setting goals allows you to decide what you want this initiative to accomplish for both employees and the company as a whole. Having these objectives to look toward when building out the specifics of the program will ensure you don’t get off track. 

Include Employees in the Process 

You want employees to participate in this wellness program, so find out what they want from it. For example, you might learn several employees would like to quit smoking or get to a healthier weight. This will help you tailor activities to meet their needs. Participation rates will be much higher if people really feel like they’ll benefit from it. 

Offer Enticing Incentives 

The opportunity to improve their health is a great reason to sign up for your wellness program, but most employees will need an extra push. Talk to your team to find out what types of incentives would inspire them to sign up and follow through with wellness initiatives. For example, people might be encouraged by discounted insurance premiums or a free gym membership. 

Seek Continuous Improvement 

The first iteration of your wellness program shouldn’t be the last. After starting the program, seek feedback from employees to find out what they like and where there’s room for improvement. Like most things, the program will need to evolve with time. Keep talking to employees and monitoring success rates to determine new ways the program can grow to meet changing team needs. 

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