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Why You Should Write a Thank You Note to Your Coworker This Thanksgiving Season

When searching for warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA, you browsed plenty of openings. The job descriptions told you about the responsibilities associated with the position and the company but probably didn’t get into specifics about the people you’d be working alongside.

Thankfully, you hit the jackpot. You work with an incredible team of people, including one particularly amazing coworker. This person has been a wonderful role model, teaching you a lot about both the job and effectively working with others.

Since Thanksgiving is the season of gratitude, you want to tell them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you this year. Here’s why writing them a thank you note is a great idea.

Three Reasons to Write Your Coworker a Thank You Note

Show Appreciation

No doubt, you thank your colleague for their help all the time. These kind words are important and they don’t go unnoticed, but putting them on paper makes them extra special. People don’t take the time to pen handwritten thank you notes nearly as much as they used to. Therefore, this special gesture will really show them how much you appreciate all they do for you.

Make Them Feel Valued

When someone goes the extra mile for you, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Your coworker makes you feel this way a lot, so turn the tables. Writing a thank you note will help them see how much they mean to you. They’re not helping you for praise, but reading your words of gratitude will show them how highly they’re regarded. This is a small gesture that can really go a long way.

Strengthen Your Bond

Throughout your career, you’re going to work with a lot of people. Some will make a lasting impact, while others will fade into the past. The same thing goes for the colleague that’s meant so much to you this year. Writing a thank you note can bring the two of you closer together. This gesture will make them respect you even more, and deepen their desire to stay in contact if one of you leaves the company. You can’t place a value on having a trusted connection to take with you throughout your career.

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