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How to Exhibit Confidence When You’re Really Nervous in an Interview

The mere thought of going on an interview makes you nervous, but you’re looking for jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA. You know you can’t get hired without an interview, so you’re searching for ways to quell your anxiety.

In time, you might overcome your interview jitters, but until then, you can fake it. Here’s a few tips to help you seem calm and collected in your next interview — even if you’re feeling anything but.

5 Ways to Appear Confident in an Interview


Control Your Breathing

If you feel like you’re starting to panic, take a deep breath to reel yourself back in. This will help relax your body and allow you to clear your mind of negative thoughts. The best part is, the interviewer will have no idea you’re practicing a nerve-combating trick right in front of them.


Stay in the Moment

Letting your mind wander during a job interview is dangerous for many reasons, including the ability to seriously freak yourself out. Ease your nerves by focusing on the present. Living in the moment keeps you from panicking about things out of your control, like getting stumped on the next interview question.


Display Positive Body Language

What you don’t say during a job interview speaks volumes to your level of confidence. Pretend you’re not nervous by extending a strong handshake, remembering to smile frequently, sitting up straight and maintaining eye contact.


Take Your Time

Interviewers don’t expect you to answer their questions the very second they’re finished speaking. If you don’t know how to respond, pause for a second and repeat the question. Buying time will give you a second to relax and gather your thoughts, before giving your reply.


Ask Questions

Being in the hot seat makes you nervous, so turn the tables. Hiring managers expect you to ask questions, and this is the perfect opportunity to get the spotlight off you. If you didn’t come prepared with a list of questions — or you got so nervous you forgot them — quickly think of a few while the interviewer is speaking.


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