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Should Your Best Friend and Ex-Coworker Be Included as a Reference?

You’re searching for warehouse jobs hiring in Allentown, PA, and you’re excited for what the future has in store. Right now, you’re in the interview phase for a position you’re really interested in. The hiring manager has just asked you to provide references, and you’re thinking you have the perfect person to put atop the list.

Seemingly a win-win situation, you used to work with your best friend. You know you’re typically not supposed to use friends as a reference, but due to the former co-worker factor, you’re pretty sure it’s a loophole — but it’s not.

In the eyes of the hiring manager, having a personal relationship with you discredits your friend. They can’t objectively speak to your skills, experience and work ethic, because of your history.

Here’s a few suggestions of who might be able to replace your friend on your reference list.

4 Types of Acceptable References



Assuming the two of you had a good working relationship, a former boss is an ideal choice to vouch for you. As someone who once managed you, no one is better equipped to describe your ability to succeed at the job. Beyond that, simply having a former manager in your corner just looks really good to a potential employer.



Someone you used to work alongside could be a great choice for a reference, assuming the two of you have a strictly business relationship. A former colleague is in a position to offer valuable insights on your fit for the job, because they spent months or years on a team with you. This makes them qualified to cover a wide range of topics, including your skill level, attitude and reliability.



If you worked closely with a certain client at a previous job, they could serve as a valuable reference. Their input would give the hiring manage the unique opportunity to see you from a client’s prospective. Receiving praise from them will certainly improve your chances of getting hired.



If you’re a recent graduate or trying to re-enter the workforce after some time away, you might not have a traditional professional reference to turn to. Don’t sweat it, because you have other options. A teacher you connected with, the person in charge of an extracurricular activity you participated in or someone who managed a group of volunteers you were part of can also step in and provide the information needed.


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