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Stop Snacking! 4 Ways to Eat Healthier While Sitting at Your Desk All Day

When searching for jobs in Easton, PA and the rest of the Lehigh Valley, you want to be your best self. A big part of this is fueling your body right. Poor eating habits at work can take a toll on your health, so it’s time to get this bad habit under control. 

Offices are filled with snacking opportunities, so it’s possible you don’t even realize how much you’re eating. Here’s a few tips to help you make better choices. 

4 Ways to Eat Healthier at Work

Avoid Skipping Meals

If you don’t leave time in the morning for breakfast or regularly work through lunch, it’s no wonder you’re snacking all day. Your body needs food to function properly, so feed it right. 

Stop hitting snooze in the morning and get up in time to eat breakfast, so you don’t start the day off on empty. Make skipping lunch a thing of the past by preparing a healthy meal the night before and bringing it to work. 

Get Away From Your Desk

Chances are, you’re not even hungry much of the time you’re snacking. Mindless eating is a common workplace habit, because it helps break up the monotony of the day. 

Before having a snack, get out of your chair and take a quick walk around the office. If you’re still hungry when you return to your desk, it’s fine to have a healthy snack — more on that in a bit — but much of the time you’ll probably realize the urge is gone. 

Break the Habit

Constant eating at work can be an addiction of sorts. It’s easy to get in a routine of partaking in whatever snacks are out for the taking in the breakroom or making afternoon trips to the vending machine. 

It’s time to stop these behaviors cold turkey. You’ll find it’s much easier to resist these temptations when you become accustomed to abstaining.  

Stock Your Desk With Healthy Snacks 

Even when you eat a balanced breakfast and lunch, there’s still times you’re going to get hungry between meals. When this happens, snacking is okay  and even encouraged. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your desk  i.e., granola bars, nuts, rice cakes  so you always have something wholesome to turn to when your stomach starts growling. 

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