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Safety First: Always Follow These Leading Safety Precautions

A warehouse is an exciting, bustling place to work, but it’s also filled with safety hazards. From warehouse associate positions to forklift operator jobs in Lehigh Valley, people depend on you to keep them safe at work. 

When the well-being of your team is on the line, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. Here’s a few actions you can take to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. 

4 Safety Precautions to Keep Your Team Safe

Provide Regular Training

It should go without saying that every new worker must be thoroughly trained before starting their job, but safety education shouldn’t stop there. Jobs tend to evolve over time, so when new responsibilities are doled out, they must be accompanied by proper training.  

Beyond that, mandatory refresher training courses should be provided periodically. This keeps all proper procedures at the top of employees’ minds, so they don’t forget how to perform certain tasks the right  and safe  way. 

Perform Maintenance Checks on Schedule

Warehouses are busy, hectic places. With so much going on, it can be hard to find the time to keep up with machine maintenance schedules  but you must. Wear and tear from the daily grind can make equipment unsafe for use, so proper upkeep can allow you to catch issues before they become a problem. 

Make People Comfortable Reporting Issues

Workers have a front seat to all warehouse happenings. They’re the ones using the machinery and carefully observing the actions of their peers, so when there’s an issue, they might spot it before you do.  

It’s important to create a culture of safety, where people are encouraged to report anything they suspect could be a safety hazard. Some workers might not feel comfortable bringing issues to your attention, so implement an anonymous reporting method to appease them. 

Lead by Example

As a company leader, workers look to you for guidance. If you make safety a priority, they’ll follow suit. Never push safety to the side or otherwise cut corners, because if they see you doing it, they’ll think this reckless behavior is acceptable going forward. 

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