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The Key to Selling Your Work Ethic in an Interview

When interviewing for jobs hiring in Allentown, PAexpect to be thoroughly vetted. A major way hiring managers do this is by asking behavioral interview questions — including those that identify your work ethic. 

No one wants to hire a lazy employee. Therefore, interviewers will dig deep to learn as much as possible about your workplace tendencies. Of course, anyone can say they work hard, so you need to put your money where your mouth is. 

Offering up examples of past behaviors is the key to selling your work ethic, as they’re the best indicator of future conduct. Here’s some advice to help you present yourself in the best possible manner.  

3 Tips to Showcase Your Work Ethic

Share a Time You Went the Extra Mile

Exceeding expectations is a key component of being a hard worker. Craft a response that details an occasion when you went above and beyond the parameters of your job to complete a task. This might involve working late every night for a week or taking on additional responsibilities to help the team meet a deadline. The hiring manager needs to know you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done right, so your example should really drive that point home.  

Prove You’re Reliable

Keeping your word is a big part of a strong work ethic. Highlight your ability to be relied on by sharing a story about delivering results as promised.  

You can also prove your reliability on the day of the interview, by arriving on time. This is an easy way to show you’re a dependable person the hiring manager won’t have to worry about. 

Make It Clear You Don’t Back Down Easy

Hard workers don’t take failure lightly. Share a time when you succeeded, despite having to overcome major obstacles. This will show the hiring manager you’re a determined person who believes where there’s a will, there’s a way. An attitude like this will get you far, because employers want persistent workers with the ability to find creative solutions to challenging situations. 

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