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The Benefits of Emotion in the Workplace and Why It’s Okay to Say What You’re Really Thinking

When searching for Lehigh Valley jobs, it’s important to find a workplace where you feel comfortable and supported. The ability to be yourself at work is crucial, and a big part of that is having the ability to show emotion and speak your mind.

Constantly feeling like you have to plaster a smile on your face, when that doesn’t reflect your true state of mind, can easily take a toll. There’s a common belief that showing emotion at work is frowned upon, but any employer worth your time should never share that sentiment.

Of course, there’s healthy and unhealthy ways to express yourself, so always think before you react. Here’s what you have to gain by not keeping your feelings bottled up.

Four Benefits of Showing Emotion at Work

4 Benefits of Showing Emotion at Work

Increased Job Satisfaction

Your feelings are a part of you. Not sharing them means you’re suppressing your true self, which will get old fast. This will likely cause you to become discontent and no longer enjoy coming to work each day. Choosing to share your feelings will make you happier, because you’re being authentic.

Higher Levels of Productivity

Satisfied employees work harder, because they’re passionate about their jobs. Letting your true personality shine by sharing your emotions will make you feel like you’re in the right place. When you have a job you truly value, you won’t want to let yourself or the team down by bringing any less than 100% effort every day.

Lower Stress Levels

Squashing your emotions can put you in a constant state of anxiety. Eventually, this will take a toll on both your physical and emotional well-being. Saying what you’re really thinking feels great, because you’re able to be genuine. This will lift a weight off your shoulders and allow you to relax.

Greater Sense of Belonging

Withholding your true personality from your colleagues will make you feel isolated. By not speaking your mind, you’re not allowing others to get to know the real you. This is a disservice to everyone, as your co-workers don’t get to see how amazing you really are and you will inevitably have trouble truly feeling like you fit in.

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