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How to Showcase Your Best Attributes When You Don’t Have a Resume for an Interview

When searching for jobs hiring in Allentown, PA, a resume helps introduce you to prospective employers. Even when you’re happy at your current job, it’s always advisable to have your resume updated, because you never know when a great opportunity will come knocking. However, this is often easier said than done.

If you’ve somehow landed an interview without a resume or otherwise find yourself face to face with a hiring manager and no resume, you’ll be going into the meeting with a blank slate. Here’s how to choose your words wisely and show the interviewer you’re the right choice for the job.

3 Tips to Showcase Your Best Attributes Without a Resume


Tailor Your Delivery

You have lots of amazing qualities, but they don’t all relate to the position. Any skills — hard or soft — you won’t need in this particular job are irrelevant, so leave them out of the discussion. Instead, focus only on your skills and experience applicable to the opportunity. This shows the hiring manager you understand the role and the company culture. It also allows you to better sell your fit for the job, because you’re not wasting time on details that don’t matter.

Tell a Story

Saying you have a certain skill is nice, but showing it really drives your talent home. Highlight the depth of your abilities by sharing an experience from your current or previous job. For example, you might recount a time you were a team player and picked up several extra shifts during a busy period. Adding context helps the interviewer learn more about you and picture you in the position.

Share Praise From Others

No doubt, you’ve received plenty of compliments at work. Highlight a few relevant to the job during the interview to emphasize your abilities — i.e., “My boss always praises my attention to detail.” Choose carefully though, as sharing too many commendations will make you appear arrogant.

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