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Four Things to Do When Walking Into a New Office for the First Time After Being Hired

Getting a new job is incredibly exciting, so congratulations on your achievement! Now that you’ve been hired, it’s time to start preparing for your first day of work. Whether you were hired through one of the temp agencies in Lehigh Valley or directly by the employer, you want to make a great impression on your first day.

Here’s a look at what to do as soon as you walk into the office for the first time after being hired.

Four Tips to Have a Successful First Day of Work

Show Enthusiasm

Your new employer is thrilled to have you onboard, so make it clear you share this sentiment. Display positive body language — i.e., smile a lot; maintain eye contact; let your arms fall loosely at your sides, instead of crossing them over your chest — to ensure your words of excitement match your visual cues.

Go With the Flow

When starting a new job, you don’t have much control over your day, so just roll with the punches. This is much harder for some people than others, but flexibility is hugely important. For example, if you packed a lunch, you might not really want to accept an invitation to go out to eat with your new co-workers, but you absolutely must say yes.

Ask for Help

No one expects you to know the ropes on your first day. Get acquainted by asking as many questions as needed to familiarize yourself with both the company and your job. Trying to figure things out yourself might work in some cases, but it can also lead to very avoidable mistakes. Failing to ask questions can actually make you appear arrogant or uninterested in the job, so the more inquisitive you are, the better.

Listen Carefully and Take Notes

During your first few days of work, you’ll be given a ton of information. No one expects you to remember all of it, but do your best to acquire as much as possible by paying close attention to your training and taking notes. This highlights your desire to get up to speed and become a functioning member of the team as quickly as possible.

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