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How to Properly Select References When Applying for a New Job in Allentown

If you’re looking for warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA, it’s time to start putting a reference list together. Most employers don’t ask for references until you’re deep into the interview process, but you don’t want to have to scramble at the last minute.

Contrary to popular belief, the reference check definitely isn’t a formality. Selecting the wrong people to speak on your behalf can ruin your chance of getting the job, so take this initiative very seriously.

Four Tips to Select Stellar References

Use this advice to choose references who will make you shine even brighter, leaving the hiring manager essentially no choice but to offer you the job.

Keep it Professional

Your family and friends think the world of you, so you know they’d give you a glowing review. However, listing personal contacts is viewed as an amateur move, unless you’re explicitly instructed to provide character references. Stick to former managers, colleagues and other appropriate contacts you know from a professional setting who can speak to your work.

Steer clear of anyone associated with your current job, because if your employer finds out you’re planning to leave, it could put your employment status in jeopardy.

Choose People You Trust

If you didn’t get along with a certain manager or colleague from jobs past, don’t list them as a reference. Even if your relationship is better now, there’s a chance they might provide information that would make the employer question hiring you, so don’t risk it.

Don’t Go Too Far Back in the Past

You might’ve worked for the best boss you’ve ever had a decade ago, but if you’ve had several jobs since, don’t list them as a reference. There’s two reasons for this: First, a blast from the past reference won’t be able to speak to your current skills and experience. Second, listing people from way back sends the impression that you didn’t have great relationships with anyone from more recent jobs, which the hiring manager will likely view as a cause for concern.

Always Ask Permission

Most people are happy to serve as references, but always ask first. Not only is it rude to hand over someone’s contact information without permission, you also want them to be prepared if and when your prospective employer reaches out. This will give you the chance to tell them about the job and when to expect the call, so they’re primed and ready to sing your praises.

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