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Improving Warehouse Safety: Protecting Your Back Day After Day

Improving Warehouse Safety: Protecting Your Back Day After Day from HTSS Inc.



Back pain can put a major strain on all aspects of your life. Working in a warehouse is tough on your body, but contrary to popular belief, back pain doesn’t have to be part of the job.

As one of the leading warehouse temp agencies in Lehigh Valley, worker safety is the number one concern at HTSS, Inc. It’s imperative that you know how to watch your back because injuries can be permanently debilitating.

Five Tips to Protect Your Back as a Warehouse Worker

Practice Proper Lifting Techniques

Hopefully, your employer has taught you proper lifting techniques and encourages all employees to follow them. At first, some of these practices might not feel natural but keep at it, because these good habits will become second nature in time. For example, it’s always best to keep the weight close to the center of gravity while lifting.

Team up with a colleague to hold each other accountable for proper lifting. If one of you sees the other in a less-than-ideal position, say something immediately, because doing so can keep an injury from happening.

Make a Habit of Stretching

No, you don’t have to do yoga — however, if you’re interested, it could be very helpful — but stretch as much as possible throughout the day. This will loosen your muscles and boost your flexibility, so you’ll be better equipped to handle physical activity — i.e., lifting.

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Invest in Quality Footwear

Warehouse jobs primarily involve standing all day, which places a lot of strain on the body. The shoes you wear directly impact how you feel at the end of your shift, so buy a really good pair. Cushioned, supportive footwear alleviates much of the pressure that causes back pain. You’ll definitely notice a world of difference if you trade up from less-than-ideal shoes to a quality pair.

Know Your Limits

Pride can literally be a pain in your back, so don’t allow your ego to get in the way of doing your job safely. If you know a load in front of you is too heavy to lift on your own, ask for help. Going forward with it on your own can cause you to do irreversible damage to your back, and might even injure bystanders in your area.

Don’t Ignore Pain

Pain is a cry for help from your body. If your back hurts even a little bit, take this as a sign you need to make a change. This might involve sharpening your lifting technique, improving your posture or even finding another job in the warehouse that’s better suited to your needs. If pain persists for any period of time, visit your doctor, because ignoring the issue will likely make it worse.

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