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Four Reasons to Make 2018 the Year You Land Your Next Career Opportunity

There’s a lot of incredible Lehigh Valley jobs to choose from, so if yours doesn’t do it for you anymore, it’s time to finally make a change. Chances are, you’ve been thinking about leaving your current warehouse position for quite awhile now, but making that leap can be scary.

New jobs are filled with unknowns, but instead of using that as an excuse to stay in your current position, make it a reason to put yourself out there. You’ll never know what you could’ve achieved in another role unless you give it a try.

Still need a little convincing? These four reasons should do the trick.

You No Longer Feel Challenged

You’re a bright person who will bring a lot to any warehouse job. When you started your current role, you were excited for all the learning opportunities it presented, but you’ve tackled them all. As the kind of person who enjoys a challenge, you’re no longer getting the mental stimulation you crave.

You Dread Going to Work Each Day

From a poor cultural fit to a genuine dislike for the responsibilities associated with your job, there could be many reasons you no longer enjoy going to work. You probably spend at least 40 hours per week at your warehouse job, so this can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. Earning a living should be fun and fulfilling, not dreadful.

Your Current Job Isn’t Stable

Money isn’t the most important thing in your life, but knowing you’ll be able to provide for your family in a week or a month is crucial. If your employer is always on the brink of layoffs or a total shutdown, it’s hard to plan for the future, much less tomorrow. A new warehouse job can bring you a much-needed peace of mind.

You Deserve to Be Happy

You’re a talented person with a lot to offer any employer, so if your current position isn’t giving you what you need, it’s time to move on. Life is too short to waste any more time on a job you hate. It might require a little digging, but there’s a warehouse job out there that will make you so happy, you’ll wonder what took you so long to pursue it.

Whether you’re a worker searching for a warehouse job in the Lehigh Valley or an employer in need of talented staff to bulk up your warehouse roster, HTSS, Inc. is here to assist. Contact us today to learn more!



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As a staffing and recruitment professional for over  30 years, I have seen many changes in the industry. Over that time, I’ve witnessed a transformation in the way organizations view staffing services. Today, we see more and more companies using staffing services as a strategic tool, rather than just for temporary fill-ins.

At HTSS, Inc., our focus is on helping companies create proactive workforce plans. Our goal is to help our clients use staffing strategically to increase capacity, overcome hiring freezes, access specialized talent, better manage increased workloads, and enhance overall productivity.

For our candidates, we help to uncover truly rewarding job opportunities—jobs that are a match to each candidate’s skills, and jobs that offer key experience and growth potential.

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