Improving Warehouse Safety: The Rules of Forklift Safety

Many warehouses consider forklifts an essential tool for everyday operations. These mobile power-propelled trucks effectively carry, push, pull, lift, stack and tier materials in the warehouse. Practical and efficient, forklifts make life easier for employees, but they must be used properly.

As one of the top warehouse employment agencies in Lehigh Valley, PA, HTSS, Inc. wants to make sure both workers and employers understand the importance of forklift safety. Proper training is required to operate these machines, and serious injuries — or even death — can occur if everyone doesn’t follow the rules.

OSHA Standards for Forklift Training

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration recognizes the importance of forklifts to warehouse operations, but wants to make sure workers stay safe on the job. Take a look at these OSHA guidelines to make sure your training program complies.

  • The program must include general guidelines for forklift operation — including safety requirements of the OSHA standard — and be tailored to include specific hazards present in your warehouse.
  • Formal —e., classroom learning — and practical — i.e., demonstrations — training must be provided as part of the program to give forklift operations a well-rounded education.
  • Employers are required to certify that each forklift operator has received adequate training and operation a minimum of once every three years.
  • Before permitting a worker to operate a forklift, employers must evaluate their performance and deem them competent to handle a responsibility of this magnitude.
  • If a worker behaves in a manner that causes the employer to question their ability to drive the forklift safely, they must undergo a refresher training course.
  • All trainers must have the knowledge, training and experience needed to properly train forklift drivers and evaluate their ability to operate the vehicle. This could be someone with an applicable degree, certificate, professional standing or relevant expertise. If no one on staff is capable, an external trainer must be sought.
  • If a third-party is used to conduct forklift training, employers must ensure the educator has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet OSHA standards.

Whether you’re a worker searching for a warehouse job in the Lehigh Valley or an employer in need of talented staff to bulk up your warehouse roster, HTSS, Inc. is here to assist. Contact us today to learn more!


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