Creating a Dress Code that is Appropriate for Your Company

Dress codes can make or break employees and can influence the public opinion of your organization. Choosing how to allow your staff to dress is complex and based on a number of factors.

4 Ways to Determine Your Company Dress Code

  • Your corporate culture.
    The first thing to determine is not which clothes are good and which are bad but what kind of image do you want to project. Are you a casual company that is known for creativity and innovation? Are you a conservative company that is known for providing top quality customer service? Of course none of your company’s personality traits need to be mutually exclusive but it is important to determine the face you want the world to see and craft a dress code around that.
  • Your employees’ comfort.
    Overly restrictive dress codes can breed resentment in the long term. It is fine if you want your representatives to wear business professional attire but also keep in mind that in the heat of the summer sun, sales representatives going from client to client aren’t going to be comfortable wearing jackets or panty hose. Find a good in-between that takes your company image and your employees’ comfort into account.
  • Don’t assume common sense.
    It is also important to know that you need to be pretty clear in your descriptions. If you allow your team to wear jeans you may need to explicitly state that the jeans need to be clean and in good repair. It may seem logical that women in your office shouldn’t wear shirts that reveal their midriff, but it doesn’t hurt to put it in writing. Whatever it is you want to enforce, make sure you have it listed in your dress code.
  • Create a sense of fun.
    Finally, allow your employees to show their own personality within the parameters of your dress code. Alternately you may want to provide an opportunity for your team to wear jeans on Fridays. Some professional or business casual organizations raise money for local charities by asking their team to pay $2 every Friday for a chance to wear jeans in the office.

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