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To Find Top-Tier Candidates You Need Top-Tier Job Descriptions

Like a resume for a candidate, your job description is the first impression you will make on potential future employees. It may be time to reconsider how to write them and how to present your open jobs to the right individuals and attract the best candidates.

4 Ways to Update Job Descriptions to Attract Top-Tier Candidates

  1. Don’t focus on the physical requirements.
    It is generally accepted that it is necessary to include the physical requirements of a job to be legally compliant, but that doesn’t have to be the entirety of the job description. This section is often described in ways that makes it feel like managers will be micromanaging each employee on the job. Evaluate how the physical requirements apply to the position and only include those that will impact performance or be required for your legal department.
  2. A laundry list of duties.
    Once the legal aspects are met many job description writers will focus on the A to Z list of every duty this person may possibly have to perform throughout the day. Instead, it may be better to focus on results. Share how the role will interact with others in the organization. This can give you some flexibility in your hiring to choose people with creative energy that can bring something new to the table. Creating this type of laundry list also leads to a “not in my job description” mentality.
  3. Focus on innovation.
    The very thing that made the American workplace so successful is starting to get lost in the shuffle. Innovation is becoming nonexistent in exchange for process and procedure. We have a culture where managers need to oversee every aspect of their employee’s work. Employers can reverse this trend and inject some much needed creativity into their business by focusing on hiring talents individuals who don’t need hands on management.
  4. Do you even need a job description?
    The legal requirements for Human Resources are always evolving. Job descriptions help companies avoid any unnecessary legal ramifications if a situation gets out of hand. Assuming that no one will even read these descriptions you are making a statement that they are not important. Instead, look at it with a different perspective. Write the descriptions to be informative and engaging as though they are your marketing plan for each position.

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