Staffing for Culture: Selecting Candidates that Fit the Mold

Hiring candidates for the skills they possess is only one part of the puzzle that will ensure success. In today’s complex workplace it is also important that your employees fit your company culture. You want to work with individuals who share the same values and will be able to live out your corporate mission statement.

4 Ways to Hire Individuals that Match Your Corporate Culture

  • Shared core values. The core values of your company can be anything from a strong work ethic to encouraging innovation and any or everything in between. The most important thing is to determine what your company mission and value statement is and hire people who already possess those core values.
  • Similar work/life balance requirements. If you’re a company that likes to promote a strong work/life balance and enforce a flexible schedule, a person who wants to work late every night may not fit in long term. They may breed animosity among other employees who appreciate the ability to arrive after traffic or leave for a family function. Make sure this matches across the board.
  • Future career goals. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is hiring someone just for the skills they bring to the table for the specific need at hand. Without looking into the future goals of both your company and the new employee you may be missing out on good leadership qualities or individuals who can take your business to the next level.
  • Beyond the work ethic. You also want to hire someone who fits in with the rest of your team on a personal level. If personality conflicts arise, these are almost impossible to solve without drastic measures. You don’t need to hire automatons that don’t interact on a social level, but don’t try to shoehorn competing personality types into the same department.

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