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How to Manage Different Personality Types in Your Office

Your staff is made up of very different personality types. Every one of them works differently. Some thrive in a fast paced environment and some procrastinate on projects. There are several different management strategies that can help you work effectively with these vastly different employees. Here are a few quick tips you can use to manage different types of people in your office.

  • Know Your Employees.
    Once you know what makes each of your team members tick it will be easy to determine your management strategy. You may have people who make decisions based entirely on logic and individuals who are more creative and feel the right solutions to problems. You may have individuals who like the challenge of a deadline and others who crumble under pressure. There are multiple personality profile tools, many of which are free online, that you can use to determine the individual personalities if your employees.
  • Build a Real Relationship. Many personality types have problems with micro managers. You can avoid this by building a real rapport with your team. If your employees are loyal to you and your company you will be surprised how much faith you can put into their performance without needing to stand over their shoulders.
  • Provide Challenges.
    A number one complaint among many employees is that they feel bored and unchallenged in their current jobs. Break up the monotony of their day to day jobs by asking for them to contribute to special projects. Once you learn what each employee excels at use those skills as a basis for the type of assignment you can give them to accomplish. You will get projects completed in a timely manner and your employees will feel engaged in their work.
  • Learn What is Important to Them.
    One employee may want nothing more than to advance to management while the next employee is more concerned with their work/life balance. Knowing what makes them motivated is an important step to managing them for their own personality type. This can make the procrastinator work more efficiently and the over achiever be able to reach new goals.

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