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How HTSS Provides Top-Level Talent and HR Solutions in the Lehigh Valley

You need to fill an open position, and you’re thinking about outsourcing it. This isn’t something you do often — or maybe you’ve never done before — but you’re in excellent hands with HTSS.

Based in the Lehigh Valley, our privately-held, woman-owned staffing firm is here to help you build the best team you’ve ever had. In fact, we’ve been partnering with companies to find the right talent since 1993.

Ready to learn more? Here’s what you have to gain by entering into a partnership with us.

Find the Best Talent Through Our Rigorous Screening Process

You don’t want just anyone working for your company — and we get that. Putting each applicant through a tough screening process allows us to only recommend candidates we can truly stand behind.

Specifically, every single applicant will complete a drug test, Social Security verification and criminal background check. Additionally, we reference check candidates based on the work history provided and ensure all licenses are verified. This allows you to feel confident in knowing exactly who you’re bringing on board.

Get Customized Staffing Solutions for Your Unique Needs

No two companies are the same, which is why we don’t use a one-size-fits-all staffing solution. When you hire us, we’ll take the time to get to know your company and the position, so we can create a staffing plan that fits your unique needs. This will allow us to select the best possible candidates for your team. At HTSS, you’ll never feel like just a number. We take pride in creating custom staffing solutions that truly make your team better.

Access a Wide Talent Pool to Meet Your Hiring Goals

Hiring is our business. Therefore, we’re constantly working to maintain our existing talent pools, as well as connecting with new talent. Our vast network includes the Lehigh Valley, Berks County, Bucks County, New Jersey and professional search nationwide, so there’s a pretty good chance we’re already connected to your next great hire. If we’re not, we’ll pull our resources and get to work right away to find the right candidate as quickly as possible.

Need a Hand with Your Hiring Needs?

If you need help with your hiring needs, HTSS, Inc. is here for you. Our staffing firm has provided flexible solutions and superior customer service to businesses in Emmaus, PA and the surrounding areas since 1993. We offer last-minute fill-ins, permanent hires, and professional searches nationwide. As a privately held and woman-owned company, we prioritize local decision-making and help meet your supplier diversity needs.

Let us help you build strong, ethical working relationships with your employees by providing the right talent for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


CEO Letter

As a staffing and recruitment professional for over  30 years, I have seen many changes in the industry. Over that time, I’ve witnessed a transformation in the way organizations view staffing services. Today, we see more and more companies using staffing services as a strategic tool, rather than just for temporary fill-ins.

At HTSS, Inc., our focus is on helping companies create proactive workforce plans. Our goal is to help our clients use staffing strategically to increase capacity, overcome hiring freezes, access specialized talent, better manage increased workloads, and enhance overall productivity.

For our candidates, we help to uncover truly rewarding job opportunities—jobs that are a match to each candidate’s skills, and jobs that offer key experience and growth potential.

We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our current clients and candidates, as well as forming new and exciting partnerships in the future.


Pat Howells
HTSS, Inc.