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How Might You Better Rely on Employee Feedback to Succeed in 2023

The new year is upon us and you’re looking to make some positive changes at your company. Specifically, you want to incorporate more employee feedback into both your management style and culture.

Right now, you’re not requesting feedback as much as you know you should, so you need a little help setting up a system that works. Here’s some advice to help you get started.

4 Tips to Better Rely on Employee Feedback

Choose the Right Medium(s)

There’s many different ways to request employee feedback, so choose the format best suited to your employees. Chances are, you’ll need several different types, as some people feel more comfortable with certain mediums than others. For example, you might ask for their opinions in one-on-one meetings, ask them to complete an anonymous survey or broach key topics in team meetings.

Reach Out Regularly

For feedback to be effective, it needs to be taken on a frequent basis. Therefore, it’s best to create a schedule you can follow throughout the year. This might be bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on how often you feel you need to hear from your team. Stick to a regular schedule to get the information you need, while also letting employees know you care about their opinions.

Ask Consistent Questions

To implement feedback that allows your company to succeed, you need everyone to have a voice. This means each person must be able to weigh in on the same topics. It doesn’t work to ask a few people one question and few more a different question. Get a true general consensus by giving everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts on the same topic.

Put Feedback Into Action

Requesting feedback makes employees feel valued, but this feeling only lasts if you actually do something with the information you’ve collected. Really listen to what your team says and use it to make meaningful change. Their ideas will make your company better and knowing you care enough to really listen to them will make your team stronger than ever.

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