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Should You Apply for a Job at a Certain Time of the Day? Or Is It Irrelevant?

You’re busy searching online for Lehigh Valley jobs, and when you find one you like, you want to make a great impression. Since you typically look for opportunities at different times of the day, you’re wondering if it matters when you actually submit your application.

While timing is everything in many aspects of life, you’ll be happy to hear it doesn’t matter what part of the day you submit your job application. Whether you’re emailing it to the recruiter or uploading it to an applicant tracking system, they’ll review it when they have time to do so.

Here’s some advice to help you focus on items that actually matter.

Four Tips to Make Your Online Job Application Stand Out

Follow Instructions

Many online job applications require a lot more than simply uploading a resume. Failing to carefully follow all directions will likely cause you to be disqualified, so it’s important to do everything that’s asked of you. This might involve writing a certain subject line for an application sent via email or completing every section in an online portal.

Don’t Rush It

Completing a job application isn’t something you can just squeeze in when you have a few spare minutes. You need to take your time, to ensure you present your best possible self. Therefore, you should only start this process when you have more than enough time to complete it. This will ensure you won’t feel rushed and make mistakes that cost you the job.

Submit Optional Attachments

Some parts of a job application are required, but employers often allow candidates to upload suggested attachments as well. This might include a cover letter or a portfolio showcasing your work. The more you can offer the better, because this will help them learn more about your personality and the skillset you can bring to the position.

Maintain One Candidate Profile Per Company

If you’re applying to a company that requires you to log into an online portal, make sure you don’t already have an account. Keeping usernames and passwords straight can be a challenge, but having two profiles with the same company might cause confusion. The last thing you want is to miss out on a job, because your old profile was mistaken for your current one.

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