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Is It Okay to Apply Online to a Job Late at Night?

You’re looking for a new warehouse job in the city of Allentown, but you don’t have a lot of downtime during the day. Whether you’re currently maintaining a hectic work schedule, are busy caring for your family, or both, late at night is the only time you have to focus on job applications.

Since employers can likely see what time you submitted your online application, you’re nervous that sending yours too late at night could be a bad look. The good news is, this isn’t the case. Hiring managers are happy to receive online applications from qualified candidates on a 24/7 basis, so fit this task into your schedule when it works for you.

Here’s some advice to help you make a great first impression.

4 Tips to a Successful Online Job Application

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Time

An online job application isn’t something you want to rush through. It’s fine to complete it late at night, but just make sure you’re committed to staying awake for a while, so you can fill out all fields carefully.

Tailor Your Resume

Every warehouse job you apply to is unique, so your resume needs to reflect that. Hiring managers can easily spot a generic resume, and they don’t like it. Taking the easy way out sends the impression you’re not that interested in the job. It also puts you at a disadvantage, because you’re not explaining why you’re a good fit for this specific position — but your competition is putting in this extra effort.

Include All Required Attachments

Sometimes hiring managers request supplemental information along with an online application. Submitting these documents might require extra effort on your part — i.e., scanning copies of certifications or answering additional questions — but it’s not voluntary. Failing to include all requested information will likely automatically disqualify you from moving forward.

Proofread Carefully

When you’ve had a busy day, it’s only natural to be a bit bleary-eyed by nighttime. The thing is, you don’t get a pass on spelling and grammatical errors because it’s late. Hiring managers expect the same level of perfection from you as candidates who submit their applications early in the day. If you can’t commit to thorough proofreading, don’t complete this task late at night.

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