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Should You Ever Consider Going Back to an OLD Job When Looking for a NEW Job?

You’re looking for jobs in Easton, PA, but in the meantime, you need to earn a paycheck. It just so happens an old job at a previous employer is currently available, so you’re thinking of pursuing it.

In a way, this sounds brilliant. You already know how to do the job and reuniting with your old team could be fun. However, this probably isn’t the best idea for the following reasons.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Go Back to an Old Job When Looking For a New One

You Won’t Learn Anything New

Finding the right new job can take a while. Therefore, you might have to stay in this position for longer than you think — and you’ve already mastered it.

Constant growth is important to keep your career moving forward. This means it’s a better idea to team up with a recruiter to find a temporary job that allows you to gain new experience while you’re searching. You’ll become an even more competitive candidate by acquiring new skills to put on your resume.

You Might Get Too Comfortable

Returning to an old job can feel like putting on a favorite old pair of jeans. If you liked your co-workers and didn’t hate the job itself, you might decide to stay put. Being comfortable is great, but you’re an ambitious person who wants to move up the ladder. Taking this step backward could stunt your career growth for years to come, so don’t put yourself in this situation.

You Could Burn a Bridge

If you left your old job on good terms, your boss will likely be excited to have you back. However, if you don’t tell them you’re only returning until you find something better, this probably won’t go over well. It could cause you to lose a valuable connection and trusted reference, so don’t take this risk.

You Might Be Treated Differently

It’s possible your old colleagues won’t be as happy to see you as you imagined. If you walked out the door with piles of unfinished work for them to finish, they probably weren’t too pleased. They might still resent you for the overtime they had to put in, which could make their behavior a bit icy.

You Left for a Reason

When you really need work, it’s easy to see your old job through rose-colored glasses. However, you wouldn’t have quit in the first place if everything was that great. If you return, you might quickly be reminded why you quit and find yourself miserable until you land something more permanent.

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