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SPICE IT Up! Here’s How to Make Your Job Descriptions More Attractive

You know your company is a great place to work, so when you post a job opening online, you expect to be flooded with resumes from top talent — but that isn’t happening. Instead, you’re hearing crickets, so you need a little hiring help in Lehigh County.

Chances are, boring or otherwise unattractive job descriptions are to blame for the lack of interest in joining your team. Use this advice to make meaningful changes to your postings, so they attract the best candidates.

Five Tips to Spice Up Your Job Descriptions

Get to the Point

No doubt, there’s a lot to learn about every job you post. However, potential applicants don’t need every last detail right now. Turn five to seven key pieces of information into bullet points and stop there. Sharing too much will likely cause the best parts of the job to get lost in the mix, making it harder for top talent to understand why they should apply.

Focus on Culture

More than just a job, the best applicants understand the importance of working for a company where they fit in. Therefore, it’s important to share details of your culture, so they can gauge their fit. Achieve this by sharing your company’s core values and the steps you take to weave them into everyday life at the office.

Remove Gendered Language

When writing a job description, it’s easy to randomly insert a pronoun — i.e., he or she — just to make the text flow. However, you might be inadvertently turning away half of your candidate pool. Candidates from either gender can succeed in every role on your team, so changing descriptors to “they” and “them” will make everyone feel comfortable applying.

Add Video

In today’s tech-focused world, there’s a video for everything. Savvy applicants appreciate video content because it gives them a strong preview of life in the job. This might involve a tour of the office, introductions to the manager and core team members and a look at a standard day in the position.

Share Success Parameters

Most job descriptions focus on the responsibilities associated with the job, which is important, but top talent wants more. These people are hoping to build a career with their next employer, so sharing how success will be defined during the first few months on the job really resonates. This makes it clear you’ll support them while they learn the ropes, so they can thrive at your company.

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